Panduit Carrick Wheelers Youth Academy at Clonea Power National School.

By June 2, 2021 Youth Academy

Panduit Carrick Wheelers Youth Academy at Clonea Power National School.

Coaches and members of the Panduit Carrick Wheelers recently attended the Clonea Power National School. Club Coach Jamie Blanchfield organised a number of different events for classes across the morning. Starting off 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class Jamie started off with a quick bike check and some safety checks. The team made sure to let the students know how to check their helmets for fitment.

The first session with these classes was skills based, Jamie was very impressed by some of the limbo skills demonstrated. The classes took a little break at this stage and then we had a group of smaller students join in the fun. It was great to see the smaller students enjoying themselves, and Jamie finished their session with a highly competitive relay race.

Jamie said “It was great fun to see the smaller kids with the variety of bikes being used, and the students just having so much fun and really having a right good go at the relay race”

The final session was with 5th and 6th Class students. This session started off with some safety drills, looking over the shoulder, making sure they were steady and knew their road position. After getting the confidence up the group moved onto some skills tests, doing slalom, cone and limbo drills. After the skills drills the team went through a few quick tips and ticks about bike maintaince and what to look out for.

Wrapping up Jamie said “That was a great days education, it was great to get back working with kids, they have unbelieveable enthuasism and give you a right lift. And we look forward to doing this at more schools”

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