Tour De France draw results

By July 27, 2015 Uncategorized

Yellow Jersey (€200) – C. Froome – Joan O’Donnell (ticket seller Jack O’Donnell);

Polka Dot Jersey (€100) – C. Froome – Joan O’Donnell (ticket seller Jack O’Donnell); 

Green Jersey (€100) – P. Sagan – Mary Wyley (ticket seller Rory Wyley);

White Jersey (€100) – N. Quintana – Claire Moore (ticket seller Conor Hennebry); 

Lanterne Rouge (€50) – S. Chavanel – Karol Greene (ticket seller Karol Greene); 

Signed Sam Bennett jersey – Philip Doheny (ticket seller Nicky Butler).
Many thanks to all who sold and bought tickets, cheques will be distributed in the coming week.

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